RPUG 2010 Conference


The 22nd annual RPUG meeting was held at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), Roanoke, VA from October 24 to 27, 2010 in conjunction with the Pavement Evaluation 2010 (PE 2010) Conference. Please visit the PE2010 abstract webpage to submit your abstracts (presentations and panel meetings only). The conference program is posted here.

Pavement Evaluation 2010 Presentations: Listed alphabetically by Author

AuthorPresentation Title (click to download PDF file)
BarrantesEvaluation of the National Road Network of Costa Rica (7MB)
ChangImplementation of Automated Joint Fault Measurement (4MB)
ChemistruckCorrecting INS Drift in Terrain Surface Measurement (3.3MB)
ChemistruckTransitioning from Profiles to Surfaces (4.7MB)
ChowdhurryNeeds Based Assessment of Pavements Using Multi (1MB)
ClarkStatus of DARWin ME (12.3MB)
De LeonNew Continuous Friction Data Analysis Software (17.1MB)
DiefenderferCost Considerations of In-Place Recycling as (.5MB)
DiefenderferUse of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Subsurface (8.1MB)
EshbaughImproving and Maintaining Alignment Between Pavement Condition Rating and Maintenance and Rehabilitation Recommendations (5.1MB)
FernePE International Perspective (16.3MB)
FerrisDeveloping Large High-Resolution Display Visualization (5.5MB)
FlintschClosing Remarks (2.2MB)
FlintschUse of Continuous Deflection Measurements for Network Level Pavement Analysis (2.2MB)
Fox-IveyAsset Management for Tough Economic Times (2.2MB)
FrithPavement Management Index Values Development of a National Standard (310KB)
GagarinDevelopment of a Noise-Texture Model for Pavements (3.3MB)
GagarinDevelopment of Operational Constraints of Road Profilers with Single Asix Accelerometer (1.7MB)
GagarinDevelopment of SF-GPR Platform for Pavement Evaluation (7.6MB)
GerritsenMonitoring of Primary Road Networks (5.4MB)
HenaultFriction Study on LTPP Sections in Connecticut (9.3MB)
HuftFunctional Evaluation Keynote Speech (10.1MB)
IrwinStructural Evaluation Keynote Speech (3.7MB)
JacksonGeneral Pavement Analysis (3.7MB)
KohlelrOBSI Testing (15.3MB)
Laurent3D Laser Profiling Sensors for the Automated Measurement System (18.8MB)
MaserGRP Keynote (4.7MB)
MaserGround Penetration Radar for QA of Asphalt Density (1.8MB)
McGheeA Functionally Optimized Wearing Course (8.4MB)
MerrittHigh Friction Surfacing for Horizontal Curves (12.5MB)
MezzelaniDesign, Assembly, and Initial Operation of a High Performance Multifunction Device For Pavement and Road Safety Condition Monitoring in Argentina (20MB)
MorianLos Angeles County Bus Line Case Study (24.8MB)
NajafiPerformance Characteristics of Continuous Friction (8.2MB)
NazefFDOT Automated Faulting Method (5.7MB)
OrrThe Effects of Common Errors in a Backcalculation Model on Mechanistic Pavement Design (2.1MB)
ParilloAnalysis and Mitigation of RF Interference in Air (7.2MB)
PereraProfile Data Collection for the LTPP Program (560KB)
RasmussenAdvanced Pavement Texture Measurement and Analysis (6.9MB)
RasmussenNew Standards for Measuring Tire-Pavement Noise (8.6MB)
RasmussenQuieter Concrete Pavements (45.2MB)
RobsonHas Pavement Management Technology Surpassed (7.3MB)
SaeedPerformance Evaluation of Precast Slabs for Contingency Rigid Airfield Pavement Damage Repair (7.5MB)
SahaVirginia's Experience with Wet Accident Reduction (380KB)
SchleppiDevelopment of Rideability (IRI) Based Smoothness (4.7MB)
SchwartzField Evaluation of Foamed Asphalt Stabilized (15.4MB)
SimpsonForecasting Structural Deterioration (2.3MB)
SmadiPavement Management and Decision Making (9.6MB)
SmithPavement Surface Characteristics Relationship (1.2MB)
StephanosManaging Pavement Performance at a National Level (2.9MB)
TomiyamaWavy Characteristics and Its Evaluation Index (1.9MB)
TrotterCombining Traditional Pavement Distress and GRP (6.4MB)
TsaiAssessing the Impact of Different Spatial Data (2.8MB)
WangAutomated Pavement Cracking Analysis from 2D to 3D (760KB)
WangEffects of Rutted Surface on Pavement Near-Surface (1.2MB)
WixHow Coarse Was My Texture (6.4MB)
XiaoMatching Distress Definitions in Field and in MEPDG (3.6MB)
XuPavement Rutting & Shoving (1.7MB)
XuCrackscope Development (2.7MB)
YagerCurrent Status of Runaway Friction Measurement Equipment (1.0MB)