2014 Meeting

Monday, September 15, 2014

Plenary Session 1

Moderator: Edgar de León Izeppi

  • Welcome
    Jose Gomez (VCTIR), Timothy Sands (Virginia Tech)
  • US Keynote Speaker
    Pete Stephanos
  • International Keynote Speaker
    Richard Wix

Plenary Session 2

Moderator: Gerardo Flintsch

  • Pavement Evaluation: Right measures? Right quality? Right analysis? Right quantity? What is the benefit?
    Thomas Van (Federal Highway Administration), Rudy Blanco (Pathway Services), Rohan Perera (Soil and Materials Engineers), Bouzid Choubane (Florida Department of Transportation), John Andrews (Maryland State Highway Administration), Briane Ferne (Transportation Research Laboratory)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Functional Session 1: Longitudinal Profile

Moderator: Magdy Mikhail

  • Update on Profiler Pooled Fund
    Magdy Mikhail
  • Evaluate Pavement Roughness Using Acceleration and Vehicle Speed Data
    Huanghui Zeng
  • Road Cracking Detection by Using Smartphone Accelerometer
    Koichi Yagi
  • A Pavement Longitudinal Inertial Profiler Based on 1mm 3D Surface Data
    Kelvin Wang
  • Achieving High Correlations of Inertial Profilers with Reference Profilers at the Smart Road
    Paul Toom

General Session 1: Never Technologies

Moderator: Li Ningyuan

  • Automatic Detection of Broken Slab on Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) Using Sensor-derived Vibration Data
    Yiching Wu
  • High Friction Surface Treatment Aggregate Durability Study
    David Merritt
  • Road National Virtual Library
    Agustin Oseguera
  • Implementation of a multi-modal mobile sensor system for surface and subsurface assessment of roadways
    Ming Wang

Functional Session 2: 3D Systems

Moderator: Andy Mergenmeier

  • Automated Pavement Analysis
    Ray Mandli
  • Using 3D transverse profiles (4000 points) and IMUs to measure road geometry to generate high resolution DTM models of pavement surfaces
    John Laurent
  • Distress Image Library for Precision and Bias Analysis of Fully Automated Pavement Cracking Survey
    Kelvin Wang
  • Advancing Pavement Evaluation to Support MAP 21
    Jerome Daleiden

Structural Session 1: GPR in Structural Evaluation

Moderator: David Kaulfers

  • Integration of GPR and core data laboratory testing for forensic investigation of roadway pavement features
    Cherif Amer-Yahia
  • Combining TSD and NM-GPR for rapid road investigations: Preliminary work
    Wayne Muller
  • Implementation of GPR Mapping of New Asphalt Density
    Ken Maser
  • North Dakota County Roads Pavement Network Structural Condition Assessment: Integration of GPR and FWD Data
    Ken Maser

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Functional Session 3: Pavement Friction

Moderator: George Chang

  • An update on HFST for Horizontal Curves
    David Merritt
  • New Test Method for Pavement Frictional Properties
    John Andrews
  • Road Network Pavement Management Program
    Ross McCarthy
  • Friction Studies – from Passive to Intelligent Tires
    Saled Taheri

Structural Session 2: Evaluation of deflection devices

Moderator: Doug Chalman

  • Evaluation of the TSD in Germany
    Dirk Jansen
  • Evaluation of Accuracy and Precision of Several Highway Speed Deflection Devices
    Soheil Nazarian
  • How do 1st and 2nd generation Traffic Speed Deflectometers compare? – Results of a UK trial
    Brian Ferne
  • Verification of Traffic Speed Deflectometer measurements using Instrumented Pavements in South Africa
    Louw Kannemeyer

Functional Session 4: Macrotexture

Moderator: Kevin McGhee

  • Monitoring Pavement Surface Texture and Friction, a Case Study
    Nima Kargah-Ostadi
  • Evaluating Pavement Texture Uniformity in Connecticut
    John Henault
  • Filtering and spike removal methodology for high-speed laser texture measurements
    Samer Katicha
  • Virtual Surface for Runways, Multi-Lane Highways, Bridge Decks at True 1mm Resolution
    Joshua Li

Structural Session 3: Current applications

Moderator: Larry Scofield

  • Continuous deflection measurements with the Curviameter for project and network management
    Carl Van Geem
  • Survey and Analysis of the Pavement Structure at Network and Project Levels
    J. Antonio Rmaos Garcia
  • Evaluating the performance of new and in-serivce pavements in Italy using high-speed non-destructive testing
    Stefano Drusin
  • TSD acceptance testing in Australia
    Richard Wix

Functional Session 5: Pavement Management

Moderator: Akyiaa Hosten

  • Variability of Pavement Surface Evaluations
    Jerome Daleiden
  • Using Automatically Collected Data to Improve Pavement Performance Evaluation and Rehabilitation Programming
    Li Ningyuan
  • Data Driven Monitoring and Management of Pavements based on large amounts of surface and subsurface sensor data
    Salar Shamsabadi
  • Development of a Pavement Management Solution with Camera Based Distress Characterization
    Dennis Scott

Structural Session 4: Future applications

Moderator: Trenton Clark

  • Network Level Pavement Structural Evaluations – A Way Forward
    Nadarajah Sivaneswaran
  • Network structural surveys in the UK – current status and future European developments
    Brian Ferne
  • Network Level Structural Evaluation with the TSD device
    Samer Katicha
  • Investigation of Applicability and Use of a Pavement Response Model with High Speed Deflection Devices
    Raj Siddharthan

Plenary Session 3

  • RPUG Door Prizes and Awards Meeting
    Doug Chalman
  • FHWA Report
    Robert Rozycki
  • Theme Summaries
    John Andrews, Brian Ferne
  • Closing Remarks
    Kevin McGhee