Blogs for RPUG 2009 Meeting

In order to share information esp. with people who can’t make it physically to the RPUG 2009 meeting, I’ll start a blog here to report exciting news during the conference.

Other meeting participants: please contribute your blogs, too.

What’s to expect:

– We will kick off with an advanced ProVAL workshop.  How advanced? We’ll find out!

– The “theme” is QA/QC.  The conference will be concluded with 2 sessions of QA/QC (fire works please!) and a ProVAL workshop on QA/QC!

– Look for the latest and greatest “benchmark testing device” (golden profiler) and 4 candidate reference profilers. This would provide the answer for reference profiling described in the CPAR report.

– Yes, the topics include pavement surface texture, pavement-tire noise, and the relationship between the two.