2008 Presentations

Surface Characteristics Research Update Bob Orthmeyer
Pooled Fund Study Accomplishments, Status, Update, Future Brian Schleppi
Overview of ASTM and the E17 Vechicle Pavement Systems Committee Dan Smith
HPMS IRI Trends and Future Reassessment Benefits Robert Rozycki
Data Collection in Cleveland, Lessons Learned in an Urban Environment Chuck Larson
Summary of the EU Northern Periphery Research on Health Issues Related to Poorly Maintained Road Networks Johan Grunland
Investigations of Texture Effects on Ride Quality Measurements Emmanuel Fernando
Digital Images — More than Just Pictures Richard Wix
Automated Cracking Survey and Multi-Function Vehicle Kelvin Wang
OBSI and How it is Being Used in Texas John Wirth
Nite II: Noise Intensity Testing in Europe, the Sequel Robert Whirledge
Application of GPR for Forensic/Rehab Projects Dar Hao Chen
The Ultra-light Inertial Profiler: A New Approach in the Study of Macrotexture Andre Smit
NCHRP 20-24(37B) Comparative Performance Measurement Steve Karamihas
An Approach to Developing a Reference ProfilerTrey Smith
Golden Footprint Study Update Steve Karamihas
Roughness Index Computations by Straightedge Type Measurements in ProFAA Injun Song
Estimate Faulting and Evaluate Joint Functionality of Jointed Concrete Pavements Using Profile Data George Chang
Use of Profile Data to Detect Concrete Paving Problems Rohan Perera
Construction of Smooth Asphalt Pavements Amy Simpson
Achieving Smooth Pavements — A Contractor’s Perspective John Bartoszek
WisDOT Experience with Profiler Certifications, Ride Spec’s Terry Treutel
The INDOT Friction Test Program: Calibaration, Testing, Data Management, and Application Shuo Li
Rationalize Ontario Pavement Condition Evaluation and Data Collection Procedures towards Automation Li Ningyuan